Squire Munro (Manro) (1758-1835) was the progenitor of the Onondaga County, NY Munro family. His descendants, spread throughout the region, across the country and around the globe.

The Squire Munro Project, a genealogical endeavor to research the life, ancestors and descendants of Squire Munro was initiated in March of 2006 by Mark Conway Munro. The primary goal of the project is to create a family genealogy book that will be made available to the family. Given the scope of the project and in order to produce a volume of adequate quality, much work is required to identify and locate as many descendants of Squire as possible, including reaching out to those who are alive today.

The work has been broken down into several smaller research projects to collect, organize, transcribe and, in some cases, publish various types of material into books. In addition we are actively seeking out anyone who is or thinks they may be related by birth, marriage or adoption. If you are such a person, please contact us to discover for certain if you are a Squire Munro Descendant. Also, consider contributing family history information for your branch to our ever growing family tree.


Munro reunion accounts from 1876-1986 from newspapers.

Name Index

A complete name index for the 1952 book “Among the Hills of Camillus”.


This book will contain transcribed obituaries from newspapers.


This book will contain transcribed marriage notices from newspapers.

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